Abart 1000 TC

A few months back I photographed this beautiful 1971 Abarth 1000 TC. We all got up very early to be able to shoot this car during sunrise. Although it gets a little tiring to always wake up very early there is absolutely no reason not to! The atmosphere and the way that the sun rises behind the horizon are so unique that it is worth it in every way!
Let’s get back to the car! What can it do? I know, it’s only just a small car and doesn’t look like too much fun, but trust me, it surely is! To begin with, it sounds astonishing! I wish photos had the capacity to play sounds. Although 85HP might not sound like too much, it’s definitely enough for 530Kg. And with its 5 speed manual transmission its top speed is 180klm/h! To ensure traction with this power to weight ratio it’s set up with 205s in the rear and 175s in the front. And yet, trust me when I say that you don’t want to be driving this car at 180klm/h ….

How often does somebody say: „Hey! Your boot is open!“ ? Okay, to be honest I don’t know. But it surely happens once in a while.

During the development of this series the Italian car manufacturer was struggling to keep the tuned 1L engine running on good temperatures. After several different modifications it seemed best to leave the hood open for fresh air to come straight into the engine bay. At the same time it helped with downforce as it was a similar shape to a spoiler. They decided to leave it like that.