I’m Jasper, a young photographer who is passionate about his subject. Since I first picked up a camera a few years ago I can’t stop seeing the everyday through the eyes of my viewfinder. I now study a BA in Photography at Kingston School of Art in London and I am excited to approach the subject in a more academic setting. My long-time interest in culture and art is reflected in my work as I consider my subjects creatively and from a new perspective each time. My fascination for classic cars and capturing their timeless design has not stopped growing since I first took photos of my Grandma’s E30. For me, a successful photograph makes the viewer feel as though they are traveling back to a time of classic automotive design. 

My enthusiasm for the great outdoors runs just as deep, and has brought me to explore the fantastic landscapes of Scotland, Ireland and the German alps. Capturing the impressive views and sharing them with my audience has always been a great satisfaction. My goal with these images is to move the crowd and motivate them to explore the beauty of our planet. 

Solely offering high quality images that genuinely convince the viewer is my main objective. If you have any enquiries or would like to reach out feel free to send me an E-mail or call me, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you! 

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Jasper Schwering

Munich & London

E. jaspersphotography@gmail.com

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T. +49 171 2086180