Munich – Germany

Yes, it says Munich. Yes, I’m in Munich right now.  And yes, I’m late with this blog …

Nevertheless, as soon as we had left Glasgow from our family trip one week ago and had landed in Munich, we went straight home to hop in the car and drive down to Tuscany where we had spent another 5 days before coming back to Germany.

However, I still want to share these images I took in Glasgow and Edinburgh last week. So here they are!

We had rented an Airbnb in Glasgow. Once there, we visited the Glasgow School of Arts and learned a lot about Charles Rennie Mackintosh by taking a tour in the modern building (the old one is closed because of the fire that had happened a few years back), looking at different exhibitions of his furniture and even visiting his house! We also took a look at the Glasgow cathedral which has two floors! After spending the first couple of days in Glasgow we got a train to Edinburgh where we had a look at the Edinburgh Castle, Cathedral and the Princes Street garden for a day.

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