Leeds – UK

Since I was in Glasgow, Tuscany and Munich over the last two and a half weeks I didn’t have any opportunity to drive the 1986 BMW e30. Although I have been back in Leeds for a week I was too busy with university to do so. But on Saturday I finally found the time to take it for a ride! (I had been looking forward to that for the entire week). So I did some research on the internet to find some forests because I wanted to take some pictures of the e30 so that the light which shines through the branches creates these beautiful patterns. There were two locations that I wanted to try, so I took off and went for a drive. When I arrived at the first location I figured that it wasn’t ideal to shoot the exterior of the car. So I used that to shoot some the vehicle’s interior because I’ve been wanting to shoot some of it’s details for a while. I also used this to show the two new stickers that I’ve recently added. The new D sticker (the original one was falling off …) and the Scotland sticker from both of my recent roadtrips to Scotland. Since I’ve been using the tape player pretty often and believe that listening to tapes while driving in this car is a great way to celebrate an oldtimer I also shot some detailed photos of that. I hope that you can imagine what it feels like to drive around and listen to tapes!

After this first location, I went on to the second location which was the Eccup reservoir north of Leeds. But unfortunately the small roads around it weren’t accessible, so I carried on and accidentally ended up at the Harewood house. I actually just wanted to turn around but then saw the nice grass and drove in. I was expecting that I’d have to pay but I couldn’t find any signs. However, I carried on driving and arrived at two barriers, one of them being open and the car in front of me just driving through it. I did stop and look at the sign which listed the entrance prices for the house. But since I knew that I didn’t want to go in the house I slowly drove up to the barrier to ask someone. Since no one was there I believed that entrance prices for the house would have to be paid later and I carried on driving. As I later found out the entire property is part of the national trust and I did have to pay to get in, even if I didn’t access the house. Now I know and next time I can pay.

I still have to mention that I absolutely loved my visit and the property is stunning! I hope that I’ll find the time to come back and take more pictures!

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Also note that I am looking for more oldtimers to shoot. So please feel free to contact me if you have an oldtimer yourself or know someone that does. I will be in Leeds for another month and then drive back to Munich. So this is your last chance if you live around Leeds! I don’t mind having to drive a little to get to you!