Season Opening

As I had some time off during easter I went back home to Munich. I was incredibly happy to be back so that I could do a little more work on the van. For everybody that doesn’t quite know about my T3, I’m happy to update you! 

I’ve had this beautiful 1980 air-cooled T3 for a little less than a year. I bought it shortly after someone had found it in a barn and redone all the engine work. Thanks to that it runs very smoothly and has done barely any miles (anyone want to guess? Send me a DM and I’ll reveal it). Because it was a barn find and work had only been done to the engine bay, none of the interior camping utilities worked. Being a Carthago camper conversion a lot was there, but needed to be rebuilt or updated to be able to work. So far nothing has been too difficult for me to do myself and I’ve been making good progress in getting it ready for the road. Still, something had been holding me back from completing it. As I moved away from Munich I have had barely any time to get much work done. I have been home a few times here and there, which has allowed me to solve a few problems at a time, but overall I have been away too much to really focus on it.
However, I’m getting closer and closer to completing the build. My latest achievement has been running water! Because I had one day left in Munich before I had to leave again, I decided to open up the season with a spontaneous daytrip to the countryside. I’m incredibly excited to get the van ready so I can do a proper roadtrip and this day allowed me to have another glimpse at life in the van. I hope you enjoy the images! Feel free to follow my instagram to see more of what I do! @jasperphotographiert.