28. Mai 2018
Victim Brand – Recycled Skateboards

Recently my friend @tomcat_skate sent me a box with his newest t-shirt and a one of its kind Victim Key- chain. Victim is a brand located in Wilhelmshaven in the North of Germany which uses old skateboards and makes keychains, phone cases, necklaces and loads more out of those recycled pieces of wood. I had seen people making things out of old skateboards on the internet before but I had never seen anything in real life or done any research about where to get any. However, now I knew about Victim, so I immediately started shooting the keychain I had and sent the pictures over to Wiktor, the man behind it.

Because I really enjoyed the bright colours of my keychain and it’s surfboard-like shape I decided to take more photos. This time I wanted to show what these beautiful items can be used for. I personally use this keychain for the keys of my 1986 BMW E30.

Or here for example you can see one of the Necklaces in the shape of the Ankh Pendant, an old Egypt sign which stands for the after life. Once again a one of its kind item since its made out of skateboards.

Next I went out once again to shoot both the necklace and the keychain. This time I was focussing on the textures in the photographs.

I think that @Victim_brand found a great way of making use of old skateboards which would otherwise not be used anymore. And I mean, these just look great don’t they?!
If you’re interested in the process behind these items and would like to learn more or watch some interesting videos then make sure to have a look at the victim brand website here and the instagram here.